Mr Mikes ‘Deeds Well Done’ winner feeds the hungry

The Furtado family 'does their best to be good neighbours and give a helping hand to a fellow citizen in need.'

Mydhili Furtado was the chosen winner from Langley in Mr Mikes Steakhouse Casual's 'Deeds Well Done' campaign. Furtado got to choose where to put a $500 donation and also received a $100 gift card to Mr Mike's.

Monique Tamminga

Times Reporter

Langley resident Mydhili Furtado was nominated by fellow community members and was chosen for a $500 donation for a charity close to her heart — the Surrey Food Bank.

The charitable donation comes from Mr Mikes SteakhouseCasual annual “Deeds Well Done” community program.

Between Nov. 14 and Dec. 31, guests at the Langley restaurant were encouraged to nominate fellow community members for their good deeds.

Mydhili also received a $100 Mr Mikes gift card as a thank you for taking time out to help make a difference in the community.

“I am a regular donor as well as fundraiser (independently through block parties, etc) for the Surrey Food Bank,” said Furtado. “I believe in charity begins at home and nothing can be closer to my heart than helping those who are hungry.

“When my oldest son was in Grade 3, he had a friend in class who was not bringing his lunch to school,” she explained.

“My son came to my husband and asked for a second sandwich for school. We had no idea he was asking for a friend.

“We were happy the kid was finally eating his lunch. Later, he explained to us that he was worried this kid won’t be fed during summer.

“My son’s generosity really touched our hearts. My husband and I are generous in our giving, but this made us focus more on food banks.”

The family’s focus on charity stayed with their son, who used to put on Quest Fest, a youth battle of the band event benefiting the Surrey Food Bank, said a proud Furtado.

Futado said her whole family is very involved in their church and community.

“We do our best to be good neighbours and give a helping hand to a fellow citizen in need.”

Mr Mikes “Deeds Well Done” program can be found here: