KURT LANGMANN Street banners promoting the Cruise-In were finally installed Wednesday evening in Aldergrove by Langley Township crews.

Cruise-In street banners go up in Aldergrove

28 street banners arrive in nick of time

Just in the nick of time the street banners in promotion of Saturday’s Langley Goodtimes Cruise-In car show went up in downtown Aldergrove Wednesday evening.

Aldergrove Business Association (AA) president Rob Wilson said the 28 street banners were late in arriving from the supplier and the ABA was in a real pinch to find a way to get them up before the event on Saturday.

“Normally one of our members has the equipment available for installation on Sundays when the highway isn’t so busy but there was no way to get them here before Friday,” Wilson told The Adergrove Star.

“But we put in an emergency call to the Township of Langley and they sent out a truck and crew right away,” said a relieved Wilson as he watched the crew at work.

“Everything is good to go for Saturday now. We’re looking forward to hosting thousands of visitors to our community for the Cruise-In.”