The Valley Antique Engines Club will be conducting demonstrations at Old and New Day at the BC Farm Museum in Fort Langley on Sept. 4. Supplied photo

The way things used to be at BC Farm Museum

Old and New Day lets visitors contrast original technology with current examples

The McLaughlin buggy at the BC Farm Museum in Fort Langley was built by the McLaughlin Carriage Company, which started in 1869 in Enniskillen, Ontario.

The Canadian company later began manufacturing automobiles using drive trains from the Buick car company, which eventually bought McLaughlin.

That makes the buggy the distant ancestor of the modern Buick car and both will be on view for Old and New Day at the museum on Monday, Sept. 4.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. the museum at 9131 King St. will be featuring several examples of old and new technology side by side, including an old-school ice cream maker next to some Breyer’s ice cream and a Sears catalogue from the 1800s juxtaposed with a computer monitor connected to online shopping.

The museum will be marking the 175th anniversary of the Case tractor company, with a modern day Case IH tractor on loan from a local dealer, to contrast with its much older ancestor in the musuem collection.

There will be a 1919 Ford pickup truck with two newer examples, along with old and new ambulances.

“What we try and do is show to the public how things such as calculators, tractors, ambulances and radios have progressed over the years,” said Daniel Sanders from the BC Farm Museum.

Courtesy of some generous sponsors, the museum will be offering fresh cooked corn and pop for $1 each.

As well, the museum-based Valley Antique Engine club, which is dedicated to the “collection, preservation, restoration, and exhibition of Antique Engines both large and small” will be conducting demonstrations.

A scavenger hunt is planned.

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