Township adds two new pioneer markers on 224 Street

The names Larmon and Holding to be honoured on Langley’s roads

Two new markers honouring some of Langley’s pioneering families will be added to Township roadways.

The first, honouring the name Larmon, will mark 224 Street between 64 and 61 Avenues, and the second, honouring the name Holding, will mark 224 Street north of Telegraph Trail.

In 1885, Nathaniel Larmon was the early crown grant holder of the northeast quadrant of Section 7, which butted up to the east side of the Hudson’s Bay Company Farm lands in Milner, according to minutes from the Township’s Heritage Advisory Committee meeting on May 3.

The Larmon Farm, located on the west end of this parcel, still remains today and is listed on the heritage inventory.

The Richard Henry Holding family were early crown grant holders of land both north and south of Telegraph Trail, west of what is now Glover Road, in 1882. This area was historically known as Holding’s Hill, which overlooked present day Fort Langley and Milner.

The location for the Holding pioneer marker runs along the west side of the original Holding lands north of Telegraph Trail, where the Belmont Golf Course is now.

Along with the installation of two new pioneer markers, missing markers from Johnson/Townline Road and Wilson/Townline Road will also be replaced.