Langley Lodge book sale regular Sherry Tingley checks out the selection at the regular fundraiser run for residents of the non-profit seniors facility.

VIDEO: How second hand books help Langley seniors

Regular fundraiser by non-profit Langley Lodge draws bargain hunters from around the Lower Mainland

When Carol Metcalfe spots a regular at the Langley Lodge book sale, she will let them know if their favourite author is on the racks.

“There’s new Fern Michaels,” she tells one visitor to the senior’s residence in Langley City on Saturday.

The non-profit lodge at 5451 204 St. has been selling second-hand books to raise money for its residents for years.

Metcalfe, the president of the Langley Care Auxiliary Society said the sale of books has funded everything from robotic pets, to blanket warmers and big-print bingo cards for residents.

“They’re one of our better money-makers,” Metcalfe said, as bargain-hunting book lovers opened up empty spaces on the crowded shelves.

Often buyers will make informal donations by refusing to accept change, she said.

“They  might have $12 (worth) of books but they’ll give us the $20 bill and tell us to keep the change,” she said.

Buyers will also bring in donations of books for the next sale.

At $1 a book, a fan like Sherry Tingley can load up favourite authors by the armful.

Tingley started visiting the sale before any family members started living at the lodge.

“My husband and I read so much, we’re always looking for new authors,” Tingley said.

Now, when she comes to visit her father, Tom Brown, and uncle, Allan Brown, on the day of the sale, she takes a little time in the foyer to peruse the books.

“(At these prices) if you buy a book you don’t like, well, you can wait and bring it back and donate it again,” she said.

“The money is for the residents.”

The sales happen roughly once every two months.

The exact dates and times are usually reported on the Times Datebook page.

Metcalfe is setting up an email notification system for regulars to let them know when the next sale is.