Sandra Wiggins (left) after she lost 107 pounds. On the right is a picture of her before she went on a journey to lose weight. She has kept it off by using Curves’ circuit training and proper diet.

Langley woman sheds 100 lbs., shares her secret to success

It was August 2014, while Sandra Wiggins was trying on clothes at a store, that she decided she needed to make a change in her life

It was August 2014, while Sandra Wiggins was trying on clothes at a store, that she decided there and then she needed to make a change in her life.

“I was in a changing room, trying on clothes and I had gone up a size,” said the Langley resident. “That was enough. I had to do something.”

That summer she weighed 230 pounds.

She had a friend in Arizona who owned a Curves gym so she Facebooked her and asked for details on the women’s health facility and the programs they offer.

“She told me about the circuit-type program and the coaches who support you and I decided to join and haven’t looked back since.”

Wiggins joined the Langley City Curves, located at 20611 Fraser Hwy., which offers 30-minute circuit training workouts.

“I had to go about it gradually because I got tired fast but eventually I worked my way up to going three to five times a week,” said Wiggins. “I talked with the Curves coaches who helped me adjust my diet, learning how to stay away from sugary foods and control portions, and when I eat is also key.”

Fastforward almost three years and Wiggins has dropped many dress sizes, more than 100 pounds.

“I just weighed myself last week and I was 123 pounds.”

Her inspirational journey to a healthy life makes her one of six winners of the North American-wide Curves Strong Women Challenge.

So how did she stick with it, lose the weight and keep it off?

“There is no magic bullet. It’s diet and exercise,’ she said.

As for keeping the circuit training interesting, she said she worked with the coaches and upped the weights and changed the exercises around to make it more challenging.

Her advice to other women wanting to lose weight, is to stick with the exercise.

“Don’t quit. There are those days when you just don’t feel like going. To those days, just don’t go, but don’t give up entirely.”

Wiggins works full time but still manages to make going to Curves a priority every week.

“I feel so accomplished when I get my workout in. It’s my time when I’m there.”

She was having an issue with food last weekend so she spoke to a Curves coach and then talked about strategy and the women doing the circuit also talked about their issues.

“It’s a place to connect with others. It’s a community,” she said.

As to how it feels not carrying around those extra 100 pounds?

“Personally, I have way more energy, my mind is clear, I feel great.”

Wiggins’ Curves coach Mirella Mykle said Wiggins’ mindset and determination all the way through has been an inspiration.

“When she first joined Curves, completing the circuit was difficult for her. Watching her month after month lose weight, get strong and more fit, was amazing. While she had her ups and downs and hit some plateaus along the way, she stuck with it, committed and put in the work to get through those times,” said Mykle.

“Coaching Sandra through her journey sums up my ‘why’ of what I do every day at Curves. Her story is exactly why my staff and I love to do what we do.”

Wiggins is heading to Disneyland with her family this year and is looking forward to having the energy to walk the whole park.

“The last time I was in Disneyland it was hard to get around. This time I’ll be motoring.”