The Top 15 contestants in the Total Makeover Challenge were announced after an Amazing Race on Feb. 25.

Total Makeover Challenge announces Top 15

Challenge gives women in Langley the opportunity to improve their health, fitness and self-confidence in a dramatic way

An Ipsos poll has found that only three in 10 Canadians make a New Year’s resolution, and of those, 73 per cent eventually break them.

But thanks to help from the Total Makeover Challenge, a group of Langley women are proving this statistic wrong.

Contestants in the ninth annual competition are showing that with a bit of willpower and a supportive community, a New Year’s resolution can not only be crushed — it can lead to a life transformation.

The challenge, which began in January, gives 30 women the opportunity to improve their health, fitness and self-confidence in a dramatic way.

Hosted by Shape Your World Society, this is a four-month development journey where women receive free fitness training, weight-loss coaching, financial makeovers, organization seminars, business seminars, personal-growth classes and more.

The Top 15 contestants were announced on Sunday (Feb. 25), following an Amazing Race challenge:

Kristy Powers, Tina Toal, Erin Schwaiger, Charlene Delmaestro, Mary Barbara Stigum, Cherise McGee, Jennifer Petrichenko, Bonnie Blanchard, Shannon Janzen, Teresa Gentle, Teresa Randle, Taryn Marcotte, Carmen Phelan, Tracy Roper and Tammy Floyd will all continue into the second round.

These women have been recording their journeys through personal blogs on, with many passing on inspiring messages to their readers.

“I have literally been working my butt off, I am proud of me,” wrote Cherise McGee. “There has been such a difference in the structure of my face alone, makes me wonder why we let ourselves go in the first place. No more putting me last ladies and gentlemen. My daughter even notices a difference and I am so happy that I am putting myself through this.”

“Super thankful to all my support — could not be being doing this without any of you. I love that our Langley group of women are so nice and giving — makes this journey easier,” wrote Tina Toal.

“I am deeply moved this morning (at the Amazing Race) by the strength and tenacity of our group of women,” wrote Charlene Delmaestro. “Different backgrounds, different stages in life, one goal: To be the best version of ourselves that we can be. My goal is like water, flowing and changing. I want to run, I want to be a great role model for my three children, I want to be strong and sexy for my hubby, I want to succeed for all my friends that have got my back. I want so much and it’s overwhelming some days. But it’s all happening everyday. This challenge is not by myself, there are so many people right beside me every step of the way.”

For the next six weeks, the contestants will continue to work on their well-being, both physically and mentally.

The Top Five finalists will be announced April 12.