July 10, 2013 · Updated 1:05 PM

NOTE: The crash is more than 30 seconds in

With his dashboard camera turned on, a Langley driver captured a spectacular crash on Highway One, near the 232 Street exit, that took place Monday, July 8 and uploaded to YouTube where many are viewing and commenting. The footage shows a sedan flip, after trying to avoid a crash with a cube van that made a lane change into the car. At faster speeds, it appears injuries should have been significant. According to RCMP, they were minor.

The video shows a sedan following behind a slower moving cube van that is driving in the left lane (what is supposed to be the passing lane.) When the driver, with two kids in the car, sees an opening, she signals and changes into the right hand lane.

Just as she starts to drive level with the cube van, the van driver changes lanes into her sedan, causing her to swerve onto the shoulder to avoid a crash.

The video shows she tries to correct back, but the vehicle flips into the ditch. Dust flies and the sedan goes out of view.

The owner of the camera, Andy Zbisko can be heard from saying "Oh my god" as he pulls over. He uses a camera for insurance purposes.

What's good to see, is the amount of people who pulled over, with one truck seen pulling over and running to help.

Crashes in the Langley stretch of Highway One, especially near the 232 St. exit are a daily occurrence. During Tuesday's afternoon rush hour a semi flipped under the 208 Street overpass, as just one of hundreds of examples.

The comments made find fault with the driver of the sedan, while others find fault with the cube van.