Brookswood residents wake to muddy tap water

Township public works said there was a water pressure drop causing sediment

Brookswood residents are seeing black toilet bowls and muddy tap water today (Thursday).

Township’s public works said there was a water pressure drop in Murrayville that caused water from Brookswood to flow into Murrayville at a greater rate than normal, which stirred up sediment in the watermains.

“Crews are now mobilized to flush the relevant parts of the system to remove this sediment, being careful to not flush too rapidly and creating more sediment to be stirred up,” said Roeland Zwaag, Township director of public works.

Some residents said the water became clearer once they ran their taps a few times.

There are no health concerns related to water quality, he stressed.

“Sediment is a normal part of any water system and the Township flushes the entire water system on an annual basis,” he added.

Residents are being advised to flush their outside taps until the water clears. Should that not be successful, residents should contact us at 604-532-7300 and we will mobilize staff to assist where possible.