Clean your roofs of snow, drivers urged

While not illegal, rooftop snow poses possible dangers to traffic if dislodged.

Drivers are being urged to clear as much snow as possible from their vehicles after the next snowfall.

As the cold weather continues, and with snow in the forecast once again, police are reminding the public to properly clear off their vehicles before hitting the road.

Abbotsford Police Const. Ian MacDonald says police can pull over and fine any driver whose windows – front, back and those on the sides – are obscured by snow or ice. But drivers shouldn’t stop there, he said. Snow or ice that has accumulated on top of a vehicle and not been removed can also pose a danger, either by sliding down onto a windshield when the vehicle comes to a stop, or by flying off onto traffic behind.

While leaving snow stacked on top of a roof isn’t illegal – at least before it shifts and obscures the vision of the driver – MacDonald calls it an “absolute pet peeve” of his.

“You’re just telling the world you’re not prepared to do what you’re doing,” he said.