Some Fort Langley residents are asking the Township to install a crosswalk on 96 Avenue, in addition to raised sidewalks along its edges. With a fire hall nearby, writer Mel Fast is encouraging the municipality to steer clear of a raised crosswalk because, he says, they’re an impediment to emergency vehicles, and lead to longer response times.

Council gives green light to crosswalk, raised sidewalk on 96 Avenue

Improvements will offer better connectivity from Fort Langley village to parks, schools and other amenities, says councillor

Fort Langley residents who have been asking for raised sidewalks and a crosswalk on 96 Avenue have had their requests answered.

Township council passed a motion by Coun. Angie Quaale on Feb. 6 to approve installation of concrete sidewalks on both sides of 96 Avenue from Glover Road to Crickmer Court, complete with a crosswalk with a side-mounted rapid flashing beacon at Edal Street.

The estimated cost is $825,000, of which 450,000 is currently allocated in the 2017 budget. The remaining funds will come from current reserves, surpluses or internal borrowing.

The sidewalks and the crosswalk will allow for connectivity from the Fort Langley village to the parks, schools and other amenities in the area, Quaale said.

“There’s a lot of pedestrian traffic on that stretch of road, and 96 Avenue is a busy truck road, and so I think it is important that pedestrians have safe access on both sides of the street and a proper way to cross the street to access all of those amenities on the south side of 96 Ave.,” she told the Times.

Quaale said the other option for the road — a shared use path with an asphalt curb to separate pedestrians from vehicle traffic — was “not up to the standards” of what should be built in any community in the Township.