Langley cat burglars taking advantage of heat wave

Langley RCMP warn people to keep windows closed after several screens cut, one home robbed at night

The warmer weather has arrived and regrettably, some less than savoury characters are taking advantage of it, warns Langley RCMP.

Over the last week there have been a few complaints of screens having been removed or cut from ground floor windows in the Langley City area. Luckily for those residents, entry was never gained to the residences, said police.

Unfortunately, a Murrayville resident wasn’t quite so lucky.

On Aug. 4, police attended the Murrayville house and met with the owner who said the suspect or suspects gained entry through the home office window.

A laptop, wallet and cash were taken from the residence. Entry was gained overnight while the owners slept and nothing was heard, likely due to noise from fans and air conditioning units, said Langley RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Holly Largy.

“Even though it is unbearably hot during the night, residents are cautioned to consider home security,” she said. “If you are going to leave a window open on the ground level of your home, you should employ some kind of security brace and only leave the window open a couple inches.”

Last, make sure you ‘make the rounds’ before you go to bed each night. Have you taken valuables and garage door openers out of your car? Is your car parked in the driveway/garage and is it locked?

Are the doors to the house locked? Are windows braced or closed and locked on the main level? Consider making yourself a security checklist to keep your property and family safe, police advise.