Chloe, the cat, came home with a pellet lodged in her face. Her owners removed the pellet and as shown here, she is a much happier kitty. Chloe's brother was shot with a pellet gun last July.

Langley resident’s second cat has been shot

With one of her cat's being shot in July, now her second cat came home with a pellet lodged in its face in Brookswood.

Brookswood resident Taylor Forney cannot believe that her second cat has been shot in the head with a pellet gun.

“We figure Chloe was shot either Thursday night or Friday morning,” said Forney. “Whoever is doing this has really good aim because both times, my cats were shot in the head area.”

Forney lives around 202 and 44A avenue. Last July, her orange tabby cat was shot in lower part of the ear.

While there was a police file, no one was caught following that attack. At the time, police didn’t have any reports of cats being harmed in the area. In September, a cat was shot with a pellet gun in Willoughby.

Forney has no idea who is doing this. She said all the neighbours get along well.

“I really don’t know who it could be,” she said.

Forney said she has heard through social media of other cats been shot in Langley recently.

“It’s so cruel and scary,” she said.

Chloe was shot just above her eye. When she came in she was laying down with her head hanging down low.

“She was the saddest thing,” said Forney.

Since the small bullet was removed, she is back to her ‘purring self.’

Many have suggested Forney keep her cats indoors from now on but she said she is trying her best.

“They are both around 10 years old and have always been indoor/outdoor cats so it is very hard to keep them from being outside.”

Neighbours have offered to patrol the area and keep their eyes peeled for any suspicious behavior.

Anyone who has information about who may be doing this, is asked to call Langley RCMP at 604-532-3200.