Hundreds came out to taste world class BBQ treats at BBQ on the Bypass in 2014 before it was moved to the new Well Seasoned Gourmet Store on 64 Ave. There will be no BBQ Off the Bypass this year. Langley Times file photo

No BBQ Off the Bypass this year in Langley

After 11 years of organizing this free food festival, Angie Quaale is taking some time off from it

After 11 years of bringing mouthwatering fare to local barbecue enthusiasts, Langley BBQ Off the Bypass organizer Angie Quaale has announced she is taking a break.

For more than a decade Quaale has invited the community to taste and celebrate slow Southern-style BBQ, so it is with mixed emotions, said the owner of Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store and cooking school, that she made the decision to take a break from the festival.

“The community surrounding BBQ Off the Bypass can never be replicated, and I thank everybody who has taken part from the beginning, for their trust in me to create a successful competition and festival celebrating barbecue,” said Quaale.

Instead of producing BBQ Off the Bypass, Quaale will invest her energy into her store, and she will continue the work she does in the community. She will carry on with her work as a Township councillor and continue to be a champion for eating local and supporting homegrown products.

Quaale is grateful to all of the competitors, sponsors, and the community for the “amazing support.”

What started as a small parking lot pop-up event to draw attention to Well Seasoned Gourmet Food Store, over the years has drawn thousands of people from not only Langley, but all over Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and Washington.

In the span of the competition, dozens of new pit masters, judges, and head judges have been trained, and thousands of fans emerged with a true appreciation for low and slow BBQ.

The competition also had a measurable impact on the community, raising more than $75,000 for Fraser Valley charities.

Quaale said it isn’t necessarily gone for good.

“Anything is possible. Why not take a break on a bit of a high note, revisit and look at how to keep it fresh or turn it into something else,” she said.

Quaale was introduced to competitive barbecuing in 2004 when she met BBQ evangelist and Canadian BBQ champion Rockin’ Ronnie Shewchuk. Quaale figured the best way to join the quest for the ultimate BBQ was to host a competition.

In 2005, she invited teams to travel Langley, from all over the Pacific Northwest and, as a result, the BBQ on the Bypass (its original name) was born.

Since then BBQ has taken Quaale to competitions across North America.

Quaale didn’t say if there are plans to bring the event back in the future.