Scooter owners beware in Langley

Two scooters in Willoughby have been stripped of their wires

Scooter users in Willoughby, beware.

Langley RCMP have recovered two scooters in the area, both with their wires stripped, making them inoperable.

One scooter was recovered on July 17 in the Willoughby area with the wires ripped out. The cover over the ignition also appears to have been tampered with, said police.

Two days later, on July 19, a scooter was found by police in the Willoughby area. The damage to this scooter was similar to the first in that the wires had been stripped out of it and the ignition area had been broken into.

Langley RCMP are now looking for the owners of the two scooters.

If you have any information about these crimes or are the owner of either of these scooters, call police at 604-532-3200.