Letter: An unfortunate bump turned into a happy accident

Editor: This is my first letter to the editor and my first accident.

I bumped into a wonderful couple on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at the corner of 216 Street and 64 Avenue.

The shock of hitting another car upset me, but instead of a scary incident, it turned into one of the nicest chance meetings of my life.  Kevin and Tina jumped out of their car and rushed over to me to see if I was hurt, before checking to see if there was damage to their white Toyota Sienna.

This wonderful couple asked me repeatedly if I was OK, and made me feel better with their caring attitude. We then checked their van and, luckily, there was no damage.

After a couple of minutes of chatting we departed. I was left with a feeling of meeting the nicest couple in the world and felt so good about the experience.

Another person may have been upset with me for my mistake. I am so glad there are people like Kevin and Tina in the world and would like to thank them so much for their concern.

Karen Henderson,