Letter: Bright future for tennis in Township of Langley

Editor: The Langley Community Tennis Association (L.C.T.A.) was first formed in 2006, with an interest to promote tennis in the greater Langley area.

As of Feb. 11, 2017, a new board and president have been elected to replace the previous one.

With the support of the Township of Langley —  David Leavers, director of recreation and Al Neufeld, manager of parks administration, design and development, — Langley has seen a dramatic change throughout the Township over the past few years, with the resurfacing of all outdoor tennis courts.

Then, in 2010 there was an agreement to develop a four-court ‘indoor’ facility known as the Langley Tennis Centre (L.T.C.)  located next to the Langley Event Centre.

The incoming president, Lionel Anker and the new board of directors are committed to continue the partnership with the Township of Langley and work with the Langley Tennis Centre in promoting the growth of tennis in Langley that has doubled since the formation of the L.C.T.A.

With the extensive growth of programs for leagues and lessons for all ages and the level of play now provided by the L.T.C. we see a growth in tennis that will surpass all expectations.

Thus, the new board, along with all of those who now play tennis, are very excited about the future of tennis in Langley and anticipate the relationship between the Township of Langley and the L.C.T.A. will continue in a positive way for the benefit of the community and year-round tennis.

Lionel N. Anker,

President, Langley Community Tennis Association