Letter: Careless pet owners soiling an otherwise pristine park

Editor: I normally do not write complaint letters. In fact, this is my first one. I feel I have to express my disgust for some dog owners.

There is an off-leash park in Langley City behind Uplands Elementary.

The City does an excellent job of keeping the grass cut in summer, grading the pathway around the park in winter and emptying the bins around the park.

What really upsets me are the owners that do not pick up after their dogs.

This is in spite all of the free bags and multiple garbage bins around the park.

Now that the park is totally white and is — or could be — totally pristine and beautiful, you can see precisely how many people do not pick up.

People walk around on their cellphones pretending that they do not see their dogs doing their business, therefore giving them an excuse not to pick up after them.

These people spoil it for others that pick up after their own dog(s) and other people’s. If you are one of the guilty culprits, please enjoy the walk with your dog and pick up after them. You have got all day to be on your phones.

Please, let genuine, caring dog lovers enjoy walking and playing with their pets without having to worry about their pets and/or themselves stepping in doggy-doo.

Sue Barichievy,

Langley City