Snow has transformed Sendall Gardens in Langley City into a winter wonderland.

Letter: City crews handled winter blast well

The recent blast of snow on Langley kept Langley City work crews busy, and two Times letter writers commended them for being up to the task.

Editor: Special thanks to the City work crews who worked all weekend to keep the main streets clear and salted.

People were driving, parents were out pushing strollers and seniors on scooters were getting around. It’s our nature and easy to criticize when we are inconvenienced, but thanks to all the strata, home and business owners who shovelled to keep sidewalks clean and the City workers who did their job on the roads, we managed to handle the blast of winter that hit the Lower Mainland quite admirably.

Kathy Closter,


Quick response appreciated

Editor: I have a licensed daycare on 203 Street and 53 Avenue in Langley.

My husband works for the city of Burnaby and has diligently been keeping our sidewalks and driveways clear of ice and snow for our daycare parents so they can safely get into the driveway.

Today, the City came by and totally blocked our driveway with snow. I went out there and moved as much as I could.

I phoned the city at 1:30 p.m. and by 2:15 the City was here to clear the rest as well as my neighbour’s driveway.

I want to commend the City of Langley with how quickly they responded. I know they all have been working overtime and must be tired from all the snow/ice removal.

Thank you again to the City. Hope you get some much-needed rest soon.

Chandra Surinak,

Owner of Rock N Tots daycare