Letter: City’s Cruise-In tradition must be kept alive

Editor: Regarding the possibility of cancelling or moving the Cruise-In.

I was sickened to read this story and literally can not believe that an event of this scope doesn’t have the City bending over backwards to keep it in place, as the tradition for thousands it has become.

In my case, it was actually a big factor in where I bought my house when my family chose to move to Langley from Vancouver. I have three classic cars that I bring on Cruise-In day.

My children are young and so after we deliver the cars, starting at 5:30 a.m. we walk back home, they rest and my family and friends have breakfast before walking back to the site for the day.

We stroll and enjoy the many stores on the strip, head to Douglas Park and the casino grounds, and enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the day, with many local friends — and those from Vancouver coming by to visit — before we all head back to my house for a front yard barbecue with my cars parked on the lawn.

If this event moves to Aldergrove, then I will not be taking part. It’s too far way and too early for my kids to stay all day. And, frankly, at this point in time there is very little diversity to the area being proposed, as far as strolling shops and other attractions compared to the City core.

Langley is known as one of the most passionate classic car cities in all of North America, with this particular show drawing sometimes close to 2,000 classics, making it a bigger show than many sunnier American cities with several times the population.

This is, in so many ways, a massive potential loss for many, both directly and indirectly.

I hope this is not allowed to happen. Some traditions need to kept alive in a world so quick to disregard anything momentarily challenging.

Dan Leece,