Times letter contributor J. Jansen believes that with the amount of growth seen in Langley and Walnut Grove over the past 30 years, there's a definite need for better transportation routes like the future 216 Street interchange, to accommodate the influx of traffic.

Letter: Concerns over 216 interchange addressed

'If Walnut Grove residents are opposed to the 216 Street interchange, they can entirely boycott its usage.'

Editor: In consideration of Walnut Grove residents, the Township of Langley has announced millions of dollars in mitigation to provide improved walkways, pedestrian crossings and noise attenuation walls along 216 Street.

The rest of Langley has other schools on busy transportation routes (Willoughby Elementary on 208 Street, Nicomekl Elementary and Alice Brown on 200 Street) that did not get the same considerations as Walnut Grove will receive.

Trucks primarily make local deliveries in Walnut Grove — like groceries and household goods — perhaps Walnut Grove residents don’t require those amenities?

The new employment lands in the Williams neighbourhood (south of Highway 1) will receive most of the truck traffic.

Growth has occurred over the past 30 years — that is a definite change in Langley — hence the need for better transportation routes is greater than ever, like the 216 Street interchange.

Glover Road has been eliminated as an option, because of the environmental concerns of the Salmon River area and it is in the wrong location.

If Walnut Grove residents are opposed to the 216 Street interchange, they can entirely boycott its usage.

Pollution concerns are mitigated as the province has significantly reduced air pollution by vehicles and has been able to eliminate Air Care entirely, so cars and trucks are cleaner burning everywhere.

We, the residents living south of Highway 1, want more direct access to commute on the highway and do our daily business in all of Langley, including Walnut Grove.

Yes, Langley is growing and thriving as a desirable community to live in and we need to accommodate the residents with good transportation options.

J. Jansen, Langley