Letter: Councillors voted against OCP because it was not a good plan

Editor: I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the mayor’s decision to re-vote on the Brookswood/Fernridge OCP when he was seeming not pleased with the outcome of the first vote — despite his saying that he would “respect the wishes of the individual councillors to vote how they feel for their own particular reasons.”

I am confident that the councillors who opposed the plan did so for quite different reasons — some because they didn’t think the amendments went far enough, some who thought they went too far, some who thought it simply wasn’t a good enough plan.

It seems evident to me that if 5 of 9 vote against, it is not a good plan.

A plan of such scope that is opposed by numerous residents for numerous reasons, as well as by council, could not possibly do justice to the residents and the community.

I am dumbstruck that a mayor could take it into his own hands to persevere with a plan defeated by his own council.

Prior to the vote, he said, “It’s the Township’s plan, Brookswood’s plan, it belongs to the community — it’s not my plan.”

Those are very nice words, but they belie his true conviction, and his doubling back when he saw that it had failed.

Kathy Marsden,