Letter: Cruise In crowd filled with nostalgia

Editor: I was just a little taken aback when first I heard that the Cruise-In is moving from Langley City. I have attended it many times over the past two decades and have yet to see any trouble at all.

Maybe I was blind, or maybe there was “trouble” when I was not there. All I know is that I never saw anything but pleasant, nostalgic viewings of automobiles that perhaps the viewers once had, or drove, or longed for.

Included in that enthralled throng was myself, even though I could never find that black,1961 Austin-Healey III TD 3000 (with jump seats) that my dad, who was not rich, bought for me when I graduated from high school.

Notwithstanding, I would likely have teared up had I seen my baby (that being first and last year of ownership — the year I went on to college — and could no longer afford the speeding tickets).

I’m not sure who voted for the new police budget, but, guaranteed that most of them will retire and realize that what is important is, not what is in front of them anymore, but what they remember — what is behind them. And hopefully then, the Cruise-In will not be in Hope.

Gord Mathison,