Letter: Dog etiquette sadly lacking in Walnut Grove park

Editor: These photos were taken at the foot bridge beside the track at Walnut Grove HS on Aug. 24 around 10 a.m. Dog owners are leaving their dog poop bags on top of a garbage receptacle that’s been sealed, as it’s been replaced by a newer style bin a few feet away with three separate receptacles, one clearly marked for dog waste.

The woman in the photo happened along at the same time as me and actually was picking up the mess to move to the newer bin. On the ground beside the old bin were a few blue coloured dog waste bags.

I don’t get it. Why are these dog owners doing this, as that bins been closed for well over six months?

This is just a part of the issue with disgusting dog owners who use the nearby park and trail regularly. Several dog owners bring their dogs to the park off leash daily, and leave them to roam and do their business in the forest and it’s left for kids to step in.

This is not an off-leash trail or park, but I’ve encountered as many as 10 dogs off leash at a time during mornings, running on the trails and running in the sports fields. Keep your off-leash dogs out of the sensitive stream areas as the dogs destroy the fish habitat.

If you own a dog, and the sign says leash required and there’s a dog waste bin nearby, do what’s right.

And don’t be nasty to people who remind you not everyone wants off-leash dogs all over the place. If dog owners in this area that use Walnut Grove Park feel they need an off-leash area nearby, talk to council, but don’t force others to endure your recklessness with your pets.

M. Mcrae,

Walnut Grove