Letter: Evil cannot and should not be appeased

Editor: The editorial piece said it well, war is hell (the Times, Feb. 1). But sometimes, it is necessary.

Appeasement and diplomacy failed in the Second World War.

If (the war) had been lost, Germany and or Japan would have owned the world. All the Jewish people, disabled, gypsies, gay people etc., eliminated

Today, there are hundreds of terrorist groups operating in various countries and countries that support and train terrorists.

They avow the death of democratic countries.

Iran is already flouting the deal they made with America by testing missiles with “Death to America” printed on them.

In Iraq, Al Qaeda operates and at least seven other terrorist groups as well.

Pakistan is another state sponsor of terrorism.

Then there is ISIS, as well as  North Korea, threatening with their nuclear weapons. Every normal person does not want war.

Unfortunately evil exists, it considers diplomacy weakness, tries to take advantage of it and must be stopped.

Yes, war is hell, but there is something much  worse.

By all means, remember history.

Cherryl Katnich,

Maple Ridge