Madison Hunter at work in 1Fish 2Fish, one of several businesses that participated in the Fork and Finger Foodie event in Langley City. Writer Maha Kali would like to see more vegetarian and vegan options offered during future events. Dan Ferguson Langley Times

Letter: Fork and finger event would benefit from more vegetarian, vegan options

Editor: I love (the Langley Fork and Finger Foodie) event. I go yearly. I am a foodie. I am also a vegetarian and, more recently, vegan.

Out of 13 participants offering their ‘sample’ plates only three had vegetarian options. Two of the three offered vegan dishes, but only if you asked.

One Indian food restaurant gave you not only a huge sampler — more like a meal — but they are the only ones that actually advertised a vegetarian dish.

Wake up, Langley — vegetarians/vegans are a huge population and growing, day by day.

I would strongly recommend that more restaurants and cafés participate in this wonderful event and make sure to offer and advertise vegetarian dishes along with the other samples.

We are a growing number, so business-wise it is smart to consider this population of people and start learning how to cook wholesome plant-based food.

I also hope that next year’s event there will be demonstrations of vegetarian cooking. We can’t continue with old thinking but need to open our minds and mouths to non-meat, non-dairy options.

Thanks to the City for putting this on.

I do appreciate all the work it takes. My real prayer — of the many spaces that are available to lease in Langley now, I pray for someone to open a vegetarian restaurant.

Oh my, would that mean Langley would become the ‘IT’ town for the foodie culture? Let’s hope so.

Maha Kali,