Letter: Friday night police incidents are almost certainly connected to Cruise-In event

Editor: As a gear head, auto enthusiast, it was with some disappointment I learned of the impending departure of the charity Cruise-In auto show held within the downtown core of Langley City.

As a member of another organization that supports various charities throughout Langley and B.C., I understand the challenge of getting the best bang for the buck. Funds are raised and you want to have the greatest impact with regard to the dollar value donated to the said charities.

That being stated, it has to be realized by the Cruise-In people, it’s the cost of doing business. The show is a tremendous draw and is well received by the public in general.

To move to Aldergrove is basically picking up your bat and ball and going home because you don’t like certain rules. The statement from the Cruise-In people, denying any connection to the resulting Friday night mayhem that descends upon the City is laughable. They, in fact, haven’t “sanctioned any Friday events.” However these vehicles are here to support the Cruise-In.

If memory serves me correctly, the Friday night of the 2003 cruise-in weekend was marred by a female being struck on the Langley Bypass. It’s believed she was making an attempt to get to the parking lot of the Java Hut. The lot was filled with automobiles that were (in town for) Cruise-In.

Years following, greater regulating has been forthcoming. This has been achieved in the form of policing on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday. This costs money.

The Cruise-In committee have created a monster for themselves — one that I have enjoyed for many years. To state their show has nothing to do with the Friday night is inaccurate.

It’s my hope the Cruise-In committee will continue talking with the City, to ensure (they can continue) hosting this event downtown. This would require substantial assistance with policing costs. Another item mentioned in the paper was CUPE should be handling road closures. Perhaps CUPE would have some staff that would willingly donate their time to close and open the roads. It is a charity event — let’s help.

Does Aldergrove have the hotel rooms and restaurants required to support the large influx of tourists and car buffs that come to this event? I don’t think it does at this time.

Therefore, people will return to Langley City. Friday and Saturday night will still be noisy, chaotic, and challenging. And City businesses won’t get any of the “business bounce” the Cruise-In produces during the show.

There will still be funds raised for our local charities, but to leave the City’s streets empty along the one way is the wrong way to treat your City business partner. Stick around, folks.

M F Campbell,

Langley City