Letter: Government wants to flood B.C. agricultural land while importing produce from the U.S.

Editor: The citizens of B.C. should know that less than three per cent of the land in B.C. is capable of producing food. Yet the B.C. government is proposing to flood the Peace River valley for their Site C dam.

The Peace River valley could produce food for a million people. In B.C., we import 56 per cent of our fruits and vegetables.

We have all heard of the California droughts and this can only result in higher prices for fruits and vegetables from this source. We talk about global warming and cutting fossil fuel emissions, but it seems the government thinks importing fruits and vegetables from farther away will help.

Experts say geothermal energy could be provided for less than half the cost. Canada is the only country in the Pacific ring of fire that does not produce geothermal power at a commercial scale. Why?

The natural capital held in the alluvial soils and class 1 climate of the Peace River valley is trans-generational. This is not something any “here today, gone tomorrow” government should destroy.

Please say no to the Site C dam proposed by Christy Clark.

Carol Nash,