Writer Bill Donaldson says he had a close call in Langley City’s new roundabout because the structure’s raised centre prevented him from seeing a cyclist until it was almost too late.

Letter: High centre of City’s first roundabout blocks visibility, says Langley driver

Editor: Interesting to see that the City is happy with the new roundabout at 53 Avenue and 203 Street (the Times, Dec. 28).

Obviously, none of them have driven around it on a dark night and found that a cyclist cannot be seen because the roundabout is too high.

I almost hit one who came off a sidewalk onto the roundabout. Until she was right on me, I could not see her.

It appears they plan to add something in the middle which will make it higher. I hope people don’t enter it when a bike is in the roundabout.

I for one think it is an accident waiting to happen.

Bill Donaldson,