Letter: Implications of M-103 go against Western values

Editor: I would urge people to educate themselves and write their local member of parliament in regards to motion M-103, as well as the wording of petition E-411, that could become the law of the land if passed by our representatives.

While I abhor violence and hate against anyone, regardless of minority group or ethnic background, this bill could be interpreted as a blasphemy law in a Canadian courtroom.

We have to, as a free society, be able to separate the criticism of ideas from the people that espouse those views. This holds true for all faith systems and lack thereof.

Ideas aren’t people and people aren’t their ideas.

This (motion) and its wording pave the way to more policing of our use of language by the government, which goes directly against classical Western values.

I would encourage everyone to read these two pieces for themselves and come up with your own opinion, but if you care about living in a free society, where the marketplace of ideas remains a free place to exchange viewpoints, write your local MP and oppose this unnecessary legislation.

Zak Graham,