A local peewee hockey team is receiving praise for their efforts to clean up local roadways, parks and parking lots. However, writer Lyle Phillips adds that it is unfortunate that such activities are necessary, when all it takes to keep the environment clean is for people to make a bit of an effort to throw their trash into a proper container.

Letter: Kudos to teammates for doing a job that shouldn’t be necessary

Editor: I read with interest (the Times, March 10) about the Langley Peewee A3 Eagles hockey team of 17  boys, aged 12 and 13 who cleaned up 16 km, four rinks, three parks, and two bus loops of 45 bags of litter in two hours.

They are to be highly commended for their work in much less than ideal conditions.

However, I find it disgusting that anyone should have to do that. I can’t understand why people of all ages cannot carry their litter with them to the nearest litter barrel or even carry it home to their own garbage/recycling container.

I hope the hockey team boys continue to grow into thoughtful, caring teens and adults.

Lyle Phillips,