Letter: Langley City couple urges voters to cast ballot for Kiernan Hillan

Editor: All citizens will greatly benefit by electing Kiernan Hillan in the Langley City byelection on Saturday, Feb.  27.

Kiernan — an energetic, longtime resident of Langley —  has municipal service experience, can make sound decisions, and inspire a spirit of community service.

His leadership skills will improve community safety, transportation, and  infrastructure renewal.

On City Council he will create teamwork and a positive relationship with all citizens of Langley.

We, along with Marlene Grinnell, a former respected Mayor of Langley City and Jim McGregor, a retired, respected Langley City fire chief, enthusiastically support Kiernan.

He will make Langley City a beautiful place, a place we can be proud to live and work in.

A vote for Kiernan Hillan is a vote to improve our City.

Paul and Deanna MacDonald,

Langley City