Letter: LGBTQ community not to blame for society’s ills

Editor: I note that Langley activist Kari Simpson opposes the new provincial curriculum that addresses LGBTQ issues. She contends that the content is an affront to her Christian values and an assault on parental rights.

Simpson and her affiliated organizations distort and misrepresent the curriculum’s content and the manner that it is taught.

Similarly, on issues like this and others, activists like Simpson and her group often argue that their fundamental freedoms set out in Section 2 of the Charter of Rights are infringed upon by public policy.

I fully support her right to believe, think, and express the viewpoints inherent in her particular belief system.

However, I do not support her, or any non-secular organization, pushing their belief system into public policy or into the school curriculum.

Frankly, I am fed up with individuals and groups using freedom of conscience, religion, and thought as a pretext to promote an interpretation of their belief system that justifies discrimination, prejudice, and judgment.

Furthermore, I argue that any institution whose belief system panders to or actively propagates discrimination, prejudice, and judgment should no longer be afforded tax-free status.

As a voter of 30 years for variously titled and composed provincial and federal conservative-oriented political parties, I state that it is time to end the practice of taxpayers subsidizing these types of belief systems.

I am not certain what great day and age Simpson and company and various similar organizations want us to revert to, but I do know that none of society’s historic or current ills, defects, or problems are due to LGBTQ citizens.

Tim Opper,