Letter: Looming ICBC changes punish the best drivers the most

Editor: I recently have examined the proposed changes to ICBC rate levels that are to take effect in 2018.

While complicated to explain, the bottom line is that the best drivers among us will see our levels increase the most.

The changes were touted as punishing only at-fault drivers more. While many of the proposed changes are fairly applied to all drivers, the very best drivers are progressively punished more the longer they have been safe drivers.

This is an abuse of ICBC’s monopoly and I am shocked it was not mentioned in the election campaign at all. I want to point it out now so safe drivers can petition their MLAs to stop this abuse before it is approved.

While I plan to remain a good driver and stay out of trouble, I do not want ICBC to take away the value of my insurance and safe driving record in this way.

Graham Facer,

Fort Langley