Until last Friday, the 10-lane Port Mann bridge was financed with tolls, as was the Translink-owned Golden Ears Bridge. Transportation Investment Corp. photo

Letter: Lower credit rating argument doesn’t hold water

Editor: I’ll start by saying that the bridge tolls don’t affect me much.

I’m not a commuter, so the cost of the tolls is minimal to me. I didn’t vote NDP so this is in no way related to their government.

What I don’t understand is how the tolls being lifted could lead to fears about a credit downgrade. If that was the case, then our government was in pretty bad shape prior to this election.

There are multiple bridges that impact transportation, why weren’t these tolled?

There are multiple bridges leading in and out of Vancouver, including the Iron Workers Memorial and Lions Gate bridges, that underwent significant improvements over the past several years and the cost went to the taxpayers.

Why weren’t they tolled? Not to mention the Sea to Sky highway.

Those people up north, well, their roads and bridges always seem to be under repair, and I pay for those repairs through my taxes, though I don’t use those roads.

But for some reason, tolls being removed from two bridges will cause us to have a poor credit rating?

Why not toll all the bridges and highways (modestly ie. $1) and spread around the debt, instead of having only those that are required for commuters coming from the Fraser Valley.

Just my thoughts.

Sherril Gilmour