Letter: Make 216 Street north of interchange ‘electric only’

Editor: If the Township of Langley persists in supporting an interchange at 216 Street, why can’t 216 north be an innovative example for the rest of the world?

Make the exit and entrance from the highway to the north side of the interchange “electric vehicle only” ramps.  It would reduce pollution near homes and the elementary schools on the north side.  It would initially lead to a smaller volume of traffic (and thereby noise) and it would be further incentive for drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

It would be a forward thinking move and a sustainable compromise with the MetroVancouver goal of reducing air pollution and suburban sprawl; new roads and interchanges never lead to a reduction in traffic.

It is time for the Township of Langley to become a leader, instead of a municipality stuck in a 1980s transportation paradigm.

It is time for Township of Langley to push back against the province and do things in a new way.

Christine Burdeniuk,

Walnut Grove