Letter: Make your thoughts known on Ebco, Weir emissions applications

Editor: Re: “Metro turns down request for meeting on Ebco, Weir” (the Times, July 28).

Instead, Metro wants both companies to construct a web page with content describing their facilities in Campbell Heights Business Park, and info on their respective air emission applications, for public perusal.

Metro’s Manager of Environmental Regulation and Enforcement Division wants public feedback before granting air emission permits to Ebco and Weir. Send any questions and concerns you may have about granting these air emission permits to: WeirCanadaComments@metrovancouver.org and Ebcocomments@metrovancouver.org

I understand Campbell Heights to be a high-end business park zoned for light industry use (warehouses, office etc.). Because of the site’s proximity to thriving residential districts, agricultural lands, farming enterprises and the Brookswood Aquifer, a source of drinking water, I believe the risk from industrial air contamination is unacceptable.

And what of the cumulative effect if these permits are allowed? How many more similar applications will follow? I’m convinced that Metro should not permit industrial air pollution from Campbell Heights.

M. Henderson,