Letter: More to the story on housing unaffordability

Editor: I was interested to discover in a recent article “It will cost you $1 million to live in Langley,” that the average price for a detached home in Langley had topped $1 million.

As a resident of the Fraser Valley, I am aware that the current housing prices have been a large topic of discussion. However, there were certain points in the article I felt were not reflective of the majority of citizens’ opinions in the Fraser Valley.

First, it was suggested that the massive demand for condos and townhouses was a “reflection of a lifestyle shift,” when really, the huge demand was due to the shockingly high prices for detached homes.

So many are forced to move to condos and townhouses because the prices for houses are so unaffordable.

Although the cost makes it a great time to sell, it is completely unreasonable to purchase a home unless you are selling or have inherited a house or money.

Not only is it unreasonable to purchase a home, those who are currently renting a home are at risk of losing theirs if the owner chooses to get in on the high selling prices. Those who can afford to buy are a specific few, but in the article, Sahota says housing is being purchased by “home owners of all types.”

Housing should be affordable for all types, but with the current prices, many are struggling.

Despite the validity of your arguments concerning those who can afford to buy and sell their homes in the Fraser Valley, there is much more to the story than you have reported. Housing is a large issue in B.C., and I believe any news article regarding such issues should consider both sides of the argument.

Sarah Klassen,