Letter: New year’s resolution of an immigrant to Canada

Editor: Entering a new year, for many, brings new hopes; what desirable (outcomes) were and were not realized in the old may happen in the new year.

The resolutions to work hard to realize improvements are expressed this time of the year.

This time is also the ultimate time to reflect on what our accomplishments were in the last year.

Did Canada improve on the quality of life?  Did our country become a better place to live last year?

Indeed, we have quite a few numbers that are higher.  Do we have the courage to name a few?

Our housing cost is higher.

Never before was the cost of owning or renting space to live so high.

The post-baby boomer economy generation will definitely have to live on a lower budget (to meet) the ever rising cost.

The average newly build house will have a record high square footage and a high comfort level. It also will have sky-high heating costs and property tax bill.

Think of the lineups for health care, another record for Canada in 2016.

Consider the lineup for the food bank; the amount of homeless people? What about the fentanyl crisis?  Our traffic situation?

The high number of traffic casualties? Shoot-outs?

All signs that our government is not capable anymore of keeping control.

Will the quality of life be sustainable when our political agendas give a higher priority to rainbow colour of the sidewalks than to maintaining the main roads to a developed-country level?

The place which can be reserved for such a letter as this is too small to even touch upon the deteriorating quality of live in our country.

What can we do as citizens? The only thing for me is the resolution to investigate every opportunity to move out of this country, back to where we came from.

John Fermier,