Letter: No aggression was directed at people who attended 216 Street meeting

Editor: Re: ‘Aggressive behaviour sparks TOL policy review, (the Times, June 23)

As usual, there are two sides to a coin. We were totally surprised and offended by the article, and by Coun. Quaale’s comment, regarding “others being ‘aggressive’ to other members of the public entering the building.”

My wife and I had set up a table outside the Events Centre, to request signatures for a petition to restrict commercial truck traffic from the Interchange at 216 Street north to 88 Avenue.

There was no aggressive behaviour shown towards any persons entering the building.

We are two, among the many concerned citizens, that firmly believe that trucks do not belong in a residential neighbourhood with two elementary schools.

In fact, people were stopping by our table before, and after entering the TOL information session, to add their names to the petition.

If Coun. Quaale was outside the Events Centre, she would have noticed for herself the willingness of people to sign the petition.

The fact that over 75 people added their names to the petition that night, speaks for itself.

Many people stopped by and indicated that they fully supported “No Trucks on 216th Street North,” and had already signed the petition elsewhere. The large number of people in attendance at the Information Session, reflects the increase in public awareness.

People were there to understand why our council feels that trucks should be given priority over the health, safety, and well being of our Walnut Grove community.

Councillor Arnason was the only member of council that came by, introduced herself, and engaged in conversation with concerned citizens of Walnut Grove.

Ken and Thordis McRae,

Walnut Grove