Rats are opportunistic creatures that will live anywhere, including treed areas, says writer Dianne Kask. Wikimedia Commons image

Letter: Opportunistic rats can be found in many places

Editor: I very much enjoyed reading Kurt Langmann’s column regarding rats (the Times, July 12). I also appreciated Langley Township passing the rat control bylaw regarding demolition of buildings.

However, both Mayor Froese and Kurt Langmann need to contact BC Wildlife Services to gain accurate information regarding rats.

BC Wildlife considers rats to be an invasive species, not wildlife. In fact, rats harm wildlife. BC Wildlife Service encourages certified pest control companies to be called to eliminate rats on all properties.

BC Wildlife has stated to me that rats are burrowing animals and often make homes on vacant lands, including treed areas under roots. Rats also make their homes in and under sheds, barns and houses. All rats are omnivorous and opportunists meaning they will eat any food that they find, natural occurring and human.

We need to have bylaws ensuring that certified pest control companies check and control rats on all lands, those with and without buildings, before development begins.

An increase in rat problems throughout Langley has occurred along with new development.

Dianne Kask