Letter: Parents right to oppose inclusion of SOGI in school curriculum

Editor: Having seen the original March school board letter entitled “Langley celebrates Diversity” and the Times’ account of the May 30 schoolboard meeting, I am in full support of parents who voiced their opposition to the adoption SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) agenda.

It is unnatural and completely against our creator God.

A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl.

For children as young as kindergarten to be subjected to this kind of thing and increased exposure in later grades is completely unacceptable.

As for bullying in schools it should be made plain that any bullying for any reason is not right and should have consequences.

Our schools are not for the teaching of unnatural lifestyles and should concentrate on the teaching of the three R’s plus other acceptable subjects.

Ms. Stein’s comments that there is a large population that does not think that this is a lifestyle worth celebrating is


I would encourage more students and parents to make their views known in order that the school board step back from the SOGI agenda.

Bill Buck,


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