Letter: Preparing for more noise, dirt and particulates with Highway 1 expansion

Editor: An early announcement prepares me for getting ahead of the truck traffic on 264 Street, and the attendant, noise, dirt and particulates.

The traffic created for the Highway 1-Port Mann project caused our family much discomfort. Hopefully, I can do something to eliminate our problems.

Currently, at various times of the day gravel trucks are backed up on 264 Street, from Fraser Highway to 28 Avenue.

This traffic jam is a health hazard to all residents backing onto 264th.

During the previous project, the back of our home had to be power washed three times annually to remove the particulates and dirt.

I do not look forward to having to do this again.

Power washing destroys the sheen on vinyl siding, which, in our case, was recently replaced.

My solution to anticipated problems would be to erect some kind of eight- or nine-foot bush or tree barrier at the back of my yard or outside the fence in the ditch, easily removed when the project is over.

I am expressing my concerns to the department of transportation, and when I find out the contractor, I look forward to a meeting of the minds and the problems on 264 can be amicably resolved by all parties concerned.

Terry Brenan,