Letter: Promises made in throne speech ‘pure hyprocisy’

Langley NDP candidate takes issue with Premier Christy Clark’s about face on several key election issues

Editor: Clark’s throne speech is pure hypocrisy. She has never once voted with the BC NDP to ban corporate and union donations, despite the fact they have brought a bill forward on six occasions. Clark repeatedly criticized the NDP and Greens for ‘costly’ child care plans but now wants to be the champion of implementing new spaces.

She did not campaign on this issue, in she campaigned against it. When did she become B.C.’s voice on child care action?

She has continued to campaign on the tax payers’ dime ever since the May 9 election, raking in millions more in donations before she proposes changes to the rules. She still supports Site C against all the Indigenous peoples’ concerns, but wants voters to believe she champions Indigenous children’s rights.

Removing tolls from the Port Mann bridge, transit changes without a referendum — wait, weren’t all these the BC NDP’s campaign promises? Very conveniently, shamelessly, she has stolen from the winner’s platform and is hoping voters will believe it is her own. Our memories are not that short — I don’t believe her and neither should anyone else. ‘Promise anything to keep power’ Christy is doing just that – she should run for leader of the Federal NDP with her new found devotion to social policy and change of platform and polices. But ‘tigers don’t change their stripes’ and neither has Christy or the BC Liberals. This sudden policy U-turn doesn’t absolve her of her disastrous record. After 16 years of government for the rich, let’s keep the parties in power who will actually act for the majority of British Columbians. Polling shows BC citizens want her out, please open the door and help her leave.

Gail Chaddock-Costello,


Editor’s note: Gail Chaddock-Costello ran as the NDP candidate for the Langley riding in the May 9 provincial election.