Letter: Raised crosswalks a hindrance to emergency vehicles

Editor: I see the Township looking for any excuse to install the crosswalks, as a way to be seen as doing something good. I do hope they don’t take the extra step and install raised crosswalks (speed bumps) as they have in other parts of the Township.

While they may be effective at slowing down the few cars that exceed the speed limit they are also very effective at slowing down emergency vehicles.

If I am waiting for an emergency vehicle to arrive I don’t want it to be delayed by an unnecessary speed bump.

On 96 Avenue, that would place a speed bump near the fire hall, effectively slowing emergency vehicles down, when that is the last thing they want.

Maybe the Township should revisit the effectiveness of the speed bumps they have already installed.

If you called for an emergency response and seconds count, do you really want it slowing for a speed bump?

If you’re waiting for an ambulance and it does get there in time, it has to negotiate the same speed bumps on the way back to the hospital, where there are more speed bumps.

It may not seem like much, but my friend — when he was suffering from bone cancer and had to be transported from one hospital to another for testing — told me before he died, that every time the ambulance went over a speed bump it felt like someone was stabbing him in the back with a knife.

Crosswalks have their place. but they can also give a false sense of safety.

When I went to school one of the first things we were taught was traffic safety as a pedestrian.

Walk on the side facing the traffic, pay attention, cross at intersections (without crosswalks), make sure you can be seen at night, make sure the traffic stops before you cross, don’t take your eyes off the cars as you cross and although you may have the right of way, cars are big and you are small. You lose.

Do they not teach that anymore? Judging by all the pedestrian/car accidents, I don’t think they do.

Also, if you install a crosswalk, that is where you have to cross.  No jay-walking.

Mel Fast,