Letter: Rural residents were left feeling ‘neglected’ after heavy snowfall

Editor: I live in Aldergrove on the side maintained by the Township of Langley.

Of course, everyone was affected by the recent snowfall and people are busy, but over every snowfall this season, the Township has neglected to plow 26B and all side streets connected to it.

Every single other street in the area has been plowed, but for some reason, we are being left to suffer.

The TOL “Snow and Ice Control Program” fact sheet says that third priority roads with 250 mm of snow in the main driving area will be cleared by “one pass of the plow,” but we have yet to see one.

I took several pictures documenting the conditions of the road and contacted the Township.

The response I received was that priority three roads will be cleared after the second priority roads (as expected).

When I got stuck for the second time in one day recently, a friendly neighbour that helped me get un-stuck called and was told they wouldn’t be clearing our streets at all. My roommate had to have his car towed out of the snow and then had to take it to the shop because the strain from trying to get through the snow killed his newer model vehicle’s engine.

After helping me get unstuck, his loaner car had to be towed out because it was stuck. Even 4x4s were getting stuck in the snow (slush, now), as well as HandyDart buses and delivery trucks.

It was not just some little accumulation. It prevented a community full of families from getting groceries, getting to work, and getting their lives taken care of.

All of our tax money is spent on clearing everything except the area we pay taxes to live in?

Thank God for the 10 or so good Samaritans that helped me escape and for everyone in the neighbourhood who’s come together to help everyone else have a better day. I started parking in Abbotsford and walking home because there was nowhere safe in my area. It just doesn’t feel right to be neglected this way.

Mitchell Tracz,