Letter: Speaker at Langley school board meeting says she was citing objective source, not offering opinion

Editor: “After reading the Langley Times’ June 2 coverage of the Langley School Board’s recent May 30th meeting (Being LGBTQ is a Choice’, say parents), I would like to clarify some phrases for those who were not in attendance at the meeting.

The purpose of my presentation was to say neither that LGBTQ is a choice or not a choice, but to convey to the School Board the most current medical understanding of the SOGI (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity) issue as it relates to children.

The position statement of one of the most highly respected groups of professionals specializing in the health of children in North America—the American College of Pediatricians—is “SOGI Ideology Harms Children.”

That is worth noting if we truly want safety in our schools. In addition, Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh’s Special Report on ‘Gender and Sexuality’, published in the New Atlantis, Fall 2016, summarizes research to show similar conclusions.

Being able to freely present this information in a public forum is neither an example of hatred nor ignorance but an opportunity to offer research-based input into the discussions surrounding the issue of the new curriculum. As mentioned at the meeting, free speech is a wonderful opportunity not to be taken lightly.

Like most people, I am deeply saddened by bullying and harassment, especially among children or in the school setting. I too, want to find a solution to the problem. I hope my presentation helps the School Board have a broader understanding of the complexity of the solution currently being offered to our school district by the provincial Ministry of Education.”

Susan Hitchman,