Letter: Support offered for Township-wide tree bylaw

Editor: I read the article by Miranda Gathercole, Fort residents campaign for Township-wide tree bylaw (the Times, July 12).

It concerned the removal of heritage trees in Fort Langley at the corner of 88 Avenue and Trattle Street.

Like Cheryl Moore, George Otty and George Otty Sr., I was astounded to drive by the corner lot at 8 a.m. as the “slaughter” was beginning, and then to behold the tabula rasa at the end of the day.

I just want to add a little more information.

The article reported that seven large trees were removed. I walked the lot early the next morning and counted nine stumps.

Also, I measured the largest stump at 52 inches in diameter.

The thoughtless destruction of Fort Langley’s heritage trees is another aspect of the Township’s development “policy” that creates more freeway exits resulting in more cars, rather than planning for public rail transit.

I applaud the efforts of Cheryl Moore and the Ottys and hope I can join with them to lobby for instituting a Township-wide tree bylaw.

John Potts

Fort Langley