Letter: Thank you to school board for teaching tolerance and acceptance

Editor: It saddens me to read the article about how 90 parents packed into a meeting and told the school board that they shouldn’t be teaching about LGBTQ.

They are saying it’s a choice and that if this is taught they might be confused. Well, the only confusion they will have are from the ignorance of their parents.

I personally know some kids who fall into one of these categories and they are the same as everyone else. They shouldn’t be bullied about it because someone’s parent says it’s wrong.

And to the school board, thank you so much for bringing this into the school and teaching the kids tolerance and acceptance of everyone. It is from the schools that they will get a non-biased education about it. And to the school board, those are a small majority of parents who think this way. Please continue with what you are doing for the kids. It’s their opinions that matter.

Colleen Blake,