Letter: Thankful for the kindness of strangers after her fall

Editor: I want to inform the citizens of Langley of the wonderful people that live and work in the area.

On Friday, June 16 I had the misfortune to trip on a paver beside the Starbucks Coffee on the Langley Bypass south of the Willowbrook Mall.

I landed on the entry roadway and received a serious gash over my eyebrow.

By sheer good luck, a “knight in a blue T-shirt” (Cary?) in a Hydro truck saw me fall and stopped immediately to come to my assistance, staying with me through the arrival of the responders.

Two staff members from Starbucks also attended me quickly and provided first aid.

These three people were extremely supportive from the outset, and I am so grateful to them for looking after me that day. In addition, the attending firemen, paramedics and staff at Langley Hospital ER provided outstanding and efficient care.

I am proud to call Langley home.

Thank you all.

D. Robertson,